Kyle Hailey has been photographing the West Coast "techno-tribal" dance scene since 2003. "Capturing the inner experience, those feelings, sometimes mystical or other worldly, has been my driving passion. I want to share images that point to a reality beyond words and beyond images, a world that we only see hints of a few times in our lives."

"Once you start to see one of his photos you can't stop, all I can say is that I see magic in his photos, all I see are warriors, demons, angels, wizards and more..." Luis Montemayor, Bokeh Magazine

Very consistent way of capturing the inner as well as the outer beauty of his subjects. Kyle is definitely on my watch list" Gene Kosoy of PhatCatPhoto

Kyle's work has appeared in Alex Grey's COSM journal, Graham St John's books on world wide dance culture and Invisible College Magazine among others.